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"I believe in treating the skin with
  the utmost respect because this
  remarkably intelligent organ does    an incredible job at protecting
  us every day.  All my treatments
  and products are backed by
  extensive experience, science
  and facts."

                        M Alexander

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beauty image of lady's face, neck and decolletage

Thanks so much for the very best facial.  I have had several friends and family comment on how good my skin looks.  Thanks for being so thorough and recommending the best products for

my skin.


Having previously seen a variety of specialists about my rosacea, no one gave me the practical, genuine advice that I received from Monique. My rosacea has now disappeared and I know, now, how to manage it moving forward.


Zoe's skin is so much clearer and

she feels so happier that her breakouts are clearing.  She is also enjoying her new skincare routine. Thanks again for your help.


Welcome to M Alexander London, optimal skin health is my passion.  I'm a clinically trained aesthetician and combine extensive skin knowledge, ancient Eastern therapy training, state of the art technology and scientifically advanced skincare in all my skin treatments to assist each client in achieving their skin health goals.  At the heart of all treatments is an intention to always maintain the integrity and strength of the skin. 




The BIONUTRIGLOW treatment focuses on restoring total skin radiance  with an immediate skin glow.  The treatment achieves long term dermal rejuvenation.  Skin quality is improved and dull complexions are revitalised.

This treatment is best for cliients who are reluctant to have injectables but still want to maintain and improve their skin quality. 


A glowing complexion

Improved skin quality

Increased skin hydration

Long term skin health 

Long term skin rejuvenation

1.  A light peel is applied to the skin - the peel is formulated with gluconolactone + mandelic acid.  The peel focuses on treating fine lines  and brightening the complexion.

2.  A topical biorevitalisation hyaluronic acid + poly revitalising complex is applied to the skin via targeted micro injections  epidermally using a NANOSOFT needle and the hero NCTF135 that is formulated with hyaluronic acid + 55 nutrients for optimal skin nutrition.  Expect to see small papules under the skin at the site of injection - these papules will dissipate over 24 -48 hours.   A client's main area of concern will be targeted during treatment ie. crows feet, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles on forehead and around the mouth.

3.  Post treatment skin is treated with LED and skin is soothed and replenished with a recovery cream.


For best results 3 treatments are required,  two weeks apart.

Each treatment is 50mins for existing clients and new clients should allow 1.5 hours for consultation & treatment.

 Full Face treatment £240

 Full Face & Neck treatment £320

 For specific targeted areas -

 Bio-EYE revive £150

 Bio-EYE rejuvenate £190

 Bio-nutri NECK / CHEST £200

For enquiries or appointment bookings please email


For skin that is smoother and more radiant

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