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Hydrate, brighten and tighten the look of skin with this nutrient-rich overnight Vitamin A Body Treatment lotion made with 26% LG-Retinex 


  • Exfoliates for smoother, softer, healthier-looking skin
  • Helps to brighten the appearance of skin and visibly improve skin tone and clarity
  • Improves skin elasticity for a firmer look and feel 



25% LG-Retinex | A proprietary encapsulation of retinol and retinal helps promote skin firmness and elasticity, eliminating the appearance of creepy skin 
Bakuchiol | Botanical ingredient helps brighten the skin’s appearance and visibly improve skin tone and clarity 
Safflower Seed Oil | Rich in vitamin E to help hydrate and condition skin
Caffeine | Helps boost the skin’s natural metabolism



Clinically Proven - after 14 applications, participants saw: 

Up to a 46% improvement in skin firmness
Up to a 27% improvement in skin brightness

*Results based on using a regimen of POLISH and A-LIFT by COSMEDIX together in a 28-day perception study with 10 participants. Individual results may vary.


To get the best results follow application instructions   If use too much, too frequently, its normal to experience mild peeling. 



MORNING  - Ideally do not use A-lift during the day.If used in the morning, then wash the skin with a cleanser (damp cloth) after a maximum of 12 hours. 


EVENING - Ideally always apply at night. Use after cleansing the skin with a damp cloth. 

At night, dispense a generous amount of A-Lift (half a teaspoon) and apply onto clean, dry skin as you would a lotion.  This product is not intended for use on the face.

Use half a teaspoon amount for each area. On average, one area equals to the size of the palm of your hand).


For best results, pair with Polish Dual-Action Body Scrub. 


Week 1 - Start application every third evening for 14 days. After cleansing apply half a teaspoon A-Lift. Massage onto the skin until dry. 

Week 2 - If you don't experience any red, flaky skin, step up the strength of application. Use A-Lift every second evening. Discontinue use if redness or irritation (dry and itchy skin) occurs, stop application immediately and wait four days, until the skin returns to normal. The rate of skin renewal has increased too quickly and as a result of poor tolerance and a damaged skin barrier, you can see more stimulation. This is a normal response if you use too much A-Lift and apply it too frequently. After, four to seven days of not using A-Lift, resume application at a lower dosage. 




    For skin that is smoother and more radiant

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